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July 24, 2009, 7:01 pm
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Benji Hughes – Local 506 – July 23

If Benji Hughes ever tells you he’s only going to play “a couple more jams,” I can assure he’s lying. He’s actually going to play many more rocking numbers before he’ll let you go. But I can also assure you that if you can stand the strain, you’re not going to want those jams to stop. Much in the style of the Charlotte singer’s 2008 album A Love Extreme, Hughes played an exhaustive near hour-and-a-half set of pristine rock and pop Thursday night. And like that album much of it sounded the same. But also like that album, it was all so good, that it was hard to care for long. Owing a great deal to a backing band that rocked with all the power of the ’70s stadium greats, Hughes drove his cute, witty songs home as he knocked back a six pack (at least) and stroked his well-grown facial hair. Durham’s Simeon played well in opening duties, playing up their dirty rock ‘n’ roll with a scantily clad sign girl announcing each number. It was a set of muscular riffs and rhythms that relied on instrumental dexterity more than originality. Still, in so far as grungy bar rock goes, there are few better bands around here than Simeon.

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