Mixtape Round-Up: July 23 – August 3 by uncdiversions
August 4, 2009, 6:58 pm
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Since the sever wasn’t working for me on Thursday and I’ll be out of town until next week, I’m going to give you a supped 5 tape version of the mixtape round-up, should be good.

I have been talking about this tape for a while now. I posted up the One Month Left tape a month ago, and now we get the final project that has been hyped now for a while. QuESt is just lyrically blessed. The man-child – he’s only, like, 19 – has that flow that just seeps out. He probably just talks in rhymes. The effortlessness reflects onto the listener as well, making the entire album play like one track. More good news, the album is being re-released tonight (Monday) at 9 pm in a fully mastered version. Purty cool.

What’s Good?: “Forever” Feat. Outasight, “I Need to Go,” “A Little More Time”

Tracklist and Download link for Broken Headphones

Besides the Cincinnatti-based production team The Kickdrums, Beatnick and K-Salaam are my current favorite flavor of production duo. The work they did mixing and mastering Kooley is High was one thing, but when they call on all the rapper friends of theirs, it’s beautiful music. Let’s see who’s on the back of the album, Talib Kweli, Bun B, Lil Wayne, K’naan and so many more. Also, the hookmaster, Colin Munroe <– insert dude crush. But the album is an amazing assemblage and a work of art.

What’s Good?: “Don’t Die” Feat. Bun B, Talib Kweli and Colin Munroe, “I’m Fine” Feat. Young Buck and Colin Munroe, “Chi-Town Takeover” Feat. Mikkey Halsted

Tracklist and Download link for Where the Streets Have No Name

Speaking of the Raleigh crew Kooley High, one of the three emcees, Charlie Smarts a.k.a. Lex, just released a mixtape of his own. Never having been one to pick my favorite between Tab-One, Rapsody or Lex before, I have to say, Charlie is out in the lead at the moment. Coming right off his remix of KiD CuDi’s “Sky Might Fall,” the whole album is amazing. Charlie likes to get into some deeper topics, especially the lady folk, but doesn’t get too hokey or come off as a dick. Another bonus, a bunch of extras with the download like more artwork, lyrics and such.

What’s Good?: “Ms. America,” “Out of This World,” “Fly”

Tracklist and Download link for f’alex

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I do mention some of the same artists over and over again on here, but I promise they are really good. Moving forward, I always give shouts to XV for his cameos on other projects. XV has had projects before, but this one blew them away. Teaming up with DJs Benzi and Enuff, XV expounds on all those great guest spots dismissing any questions they may have surrounded his ability to carry an entire tape himself. He does have some great guests to help him out, but this is all about XV.

What’s Good?: “A.D.D.,” “Start a War” Feat. Colin Munroe, “Life vs. Livin'” Feat. Big Sean

Tracklist and Download link for Everybody’s Nobody

What, Ja Rule relased a free album – to the streets! Actually, I believe Ja had planned his comeback and even less people cared than he thought. The only reason I posted this is because the entire idea that people still cared about Ja Rule was humorous to me.

What’s Good?: Couldn’t tell you.

Tracklist and Download link for The Mirror

See y’all in two weeks.

-Diversions Staff Writer Benn Wineka


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