Not quite the best for last by uncdiversions

Club Is Open Festival Night 5

American Aquarium – Cat’s Cradle – July 11

The last night of the Club Is Open Festival was its only real disappointment. This is not because it was actually a bad show. Far from it. It’s just that it didn’t live up to the potential of its packed line-up. Chapel Hill’s Nathan Oliver felt tired as it played for a scant crowd opening the night. It was an early 8:30 start time, and with the lack of a real crowd, the normally frenetic band didn’t have the break-neck energy they usually possess. Slow-burning Greensboro experimental folk group Filthybird was an improvement. Playing with poise and feeling, the band’s crooning jams were excellent. The Future Kings Of Nowhere owned the night easily. Playing with no-holds-barred intensity, lead-singer Shayne O’Neil was powerful. He spat out his lines hard and mean, strumming with force on the guitar and making his exes feel his pain. American Aquarium played adequately, giving neither the best or worst set that I’ve seen from them. It started out well, as the band picked out the best songs from their new album and ripped through them with roaring E-Street arrangements. But the set was too long, and soon the tricks all started to sound the same.

So while it wasn’t bad, the last night of the festival couldn’t live up to the great nights that proceeded it. And for that reason it ended up feeling unsatisfying.

Click below for more photos.

Nathan Oliver


The Future Kings Of Nowhere

American Aquarium

– Words and photos by Jordan Lawrence


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