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July 11, 2009, 7:21 pm
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Club Is Open Festival Night 4

Red Collar – Local 506 – July 10

It would be poor form not to tell you that I would have thoroughly enjoyed Friday night’s addition to the Club Is Open even if had been the worst show. With Rat Jackson and Red Collar having good friends in them and many others spread around the room, I don’t think it would have been possible for me to have a bad time.

However, though I have let you know this bias, I still say that last night’s show was great. The Southern-fried Clash of A Rooster For The Masses opened things up well. The band was polished and professional, boasting a well refined rally call. Some things in this world are just meant for fun, and Rat Jackson is one of them. No pretension, no real grander musical ambition, just a bunch of well played rock ‘n’ roll about drinking and chasing women far out of your league. And Friday it was a raucous good time as festival organizers and “Big Rat Jackson Men” Steve Oliva and Rusty Sutton gave it their all.

For Raleigh’s Loners I can think of no better compliment than this: In a week where Japandroids, one of the hottest guitar-drum garage duos in the country, rolled through town, the Loners was still the best. Playing lightening fast riffs with a thunder that shook the audience to the core, it was a powerful set.

Red Collar brought it as they always do, ripping through middle aged angst with the riff-driven heartache. And the last song of its set showed what this festival is all about. Inviting its organizers (along with seemingly everyone else they knew) up on the stage for closer “Used Guitars,” the band’s final song became a fist-pumping celebration of how much these bands love playing together.

Click below for more photos.

A Rooster For The Masses

Rat Jackson

The Loners

Red Collar

– Words and photos by Jordan Lawrence.


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