It’s back, but not in Cary by uncdiversions
July 8, 2009, 6:43 pm
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Club Is Open Festival Night 1

Blag’ard – The Reservoir – July 7

Hampered by a late start and the absence of headliner Pinche Gringo, who couldn’t make it in from Greensboro, the first night of this week’s second annual Club Is Open Festival had to deal with an up-hill battle. And while its disorganized edges might have taken away a bit from its impact, Chapel Hill’s Blag’ard and Durham’s Simeon made sure the crowd got a healthy dose of quality local music. The newly revived Simeon played a dirty, boozy set of rock ‘n’ roll that leaped about with riffs and bass lines that bounced about with the energy of a caged animal. Rowdy guitar-drums duo Blag’ard hit with grungy garage fury they always bring, packing wit and blunt force into a powerful package. All told, it was far from underwhelming, but it never had the feeling of being a real event either.

This flaw is likely to be corrected tonight however as the second night of CIO provides the entertainment for the grand re-opening of East Franklin Street dance club Players. Rock show in the dance hall. See you there.

Click below for more photos.



– Words and photos by Jordan Lawrence


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