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July 1, 2009, 1:51 am
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The Cottage Industry


Debuted at Luego‘s opening gig for Holsapple and Stamey Saturday at Cat’s Cradle, The Cottage Industry EP is being issued as a free download card at the band’s shows to promote the it’s forthcoming full-length. And the three songs that encompass the release are full of reasons to be excited.

The first, “Held Up,” is a cut from the fully polished LP. Melding Luego’s traditional country rock to dancey strains of modern alternative, the band has created a hip, catchy single. As a slinking guitar line sneaks around in the background singer/songwriter Patrick Phelan drops witty quips about his failing relationship such as “I undress her, but it don’t matter/Don’t impress her but it won’t flatter.” At the chorus, the song busts out in the late-night sheen of shining keys and the beat takes on an a dance flavor that’s as slow-burning and inevitable as the relationship’s end.

The other two tracks are different but still good. Recorded in four hours by Phelan and bandmate Jeff Crawford, each song features a stripped down arrangement of piano, drums, acoustic guitar and bass.

“You’ve Got Space, Babe” is a pleasing bit of honky-tonk ragtime that focuses on the speaker’s dislike for his girl’s need for space. Driven by the clever come ons in the chorus, one of which is the excellent “You’re a jewel, and I’m the miner, so ‘Westward Ho!” it’s satisfying and fully developed for a B-Side.

Better though is the final song “Ain’t It Sad.” Over a Venetian-inspired slow dance of piano and guitar, Phelan delivers a short, poignant goodbye to his lover. “Ain’t it sad, ain’t sad, finally wrote you a song/ It’s too late, you’re not comin’/You’re long gone, so come on,” he sings with a tear-stained smile. It’s a cruel and insightful joke on the nature of the most powerful songs of longing: Most of them were written long after the relationship had died.

So the next time you’re considering a trip out to go see Luego for five bucks or so, just go ahead and do it. I can assure you this download alone will be worth the admission. You can just count the show as the bonus.

– By Diversions Editor Jordan Lawrence


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