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June 28, 2009, 7:57 pm
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Holsapple and Stamey – Cat’s Cradle – June 27

There’s a certain beguiling sense of the un-cool that comes from listening to your parent’s music. Every time I pick up my mom’s copy of Rumours and throw it on the record player, I feel the slightest pang of “I hope nobody sees me.” Luckily my mother has no idea who Peter Holsapple or Chris Stamey are. Therefore I can tell you that I enjoyed their concert Saturday night without embarrassment. Playing as a duo with a full band including steel guitar, stand-up bass and keyboards, the two ex-db’s played standard-style guitar ballads (some of which actually were other people’s songs). As with most aging rockers, the two took little risks, and sometimes this was a detriment. Some of the group’s new songs were tired in that “I’m happy and middle-aged” way that some elder statesmen become. Luckily, most of the group’s songs didn’t fit into this model. Playing with genuine passion and impeccable harmonies, the two sung songs that really dug into the heart of their new lives without being cursory or sugar-coated. At the best, it was enough to make a college kid like me stop and think, “Maybe growing up won’t be so bad.”

The duo’s openers were well selected. Raleigh’s American Aquarium dropped their usual E-Street bombast and debuted a stripped down set guided by soft piano and steel and acoustic guitar. The result was a sound that allowd lead singer BJ Barham to get to the broken hearted core of his promiscuous persona on the band’s new album, Dances for the Lonely. Peter Holsapple’s other project, Luego was also on display. Riding the Beggars-Banquet ambitions of singer Patrick Phelan, Luego delivered a set of good-old boozy country rock that had enough vibrant life and good turns of phrase to still sound fresh.

Click below for more photos.


American Aquarium

Holsapple and Stamey

– Words and photos by Jordan Lawrence


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