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June 27, 2009, 8:02 pm
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Sunfold – Local 506 – June 26

Though its association with Annuals and the lazily hypnotic nature of its studio recordings might make you think otherwise, Raleigh’s Sunfold rock live. Following the lead of singer Kenny Florence, whose quickly-picked guitar work is quite impressive, the band played a very satisfying set of guitar rock Friday night. The band that proceeded them wasn’t without the chops either. Over the few years of its existence, Durham’s Hammer No More The Fingers has become a taut rock organism. Its three members played off each other so well, that everything they did seemed effortless. Allowing each song to morph into the next with excellent jam segues, Hammer issued a reminder as to why they’ve acquired such a following in the area. And though both bands played well, the highlight of the night went to hammer. During a performance of the “We Pray for Viking Storm,” the theme song for the band’s CD release mini-fest in April, Tooth’s J-Me Guptil jumped on stage and added his metal roar. It was a surprise to the crowd and the band, and it made the song more than it would have been otherwise.

Click below for more photos.

Hammer No More The Fingers


– Words and photos by Jordan Lawrence


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