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June 24, 2009, 10:44 am
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Americans In France – The Cave – June 22

Drug back to the late, late Monday start time of just about 11 p.m., Raleigh’s Whatever Brains and Chapel Hill’s Americans In France had a lot of pressure to deliver. The crowd, which waited patiently through the delay caused by the breakdown of Arizona band Francis Harold & The Holograms, was very deserving of a reward. Luckily, both bands brought it hard. Whatever Brains were full of sonic heft as their easily palatable brand of hardcore punk easily won over the local crowd. Americans In France delivered their hard-hitting art rock with just the right air of detached self righteousness. Singer Josh Lajoie was in fine form (and well oiled on the specially priced peach Schnapps) letting his aviators hang on the edge of his nose as he sneered through his brazen diagnosis of society’s ills. Though I didn’t stay for Francis Harold’s set, the hometown bands made it well worth going out.

Click below for more photos.

Whatever Brains

Americans In France

– Words and photos by Jordan Lawrence


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