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May 24, 2009, 8:32 pm
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Ear Pwr

Super Animal Brothers III


Imagine flying through outer space with shattered light beams, twinkling stars and thousands of fractals morphing all around you. This trippy (probably drug-induced) vision is exactly what you get in sonic form while listening to Super Animal Brothers III. Ear PWR‘s newest album will bring out your inner child with bunches of spine-bending energy.

Most of us probably remember a time when you were little and had that dreaded dentist’s appointment. That dentist’s office may have had you scared stiff, but that lollipop you get after immediately transformed the fear into a smile.

Like that lollipop, the sweetly crafted high energy attack of Ear PWR will shatter the anxieties of day-to-day life and replace them with youthful energy.

Ear PWR is the vehicle of Sarah Reynolds and David Booze who, once based out of North Carolina, now call Baltimore home. The duo’s wildly entertaining sound fuses multiple, high-paced electronic beats with an cute pop sound perfectly suited for the child-like voice of Reynolds. This voice, though devoid of any actual notes, makes you want to grin from ear to ear and use that spine-bending energy to dance the night away.

Honestly, it would be impossible to not bob your head, move your feet and leave giant pools of sweat on the floor after taking a listen, though the quick tempos of each song do at times make it difficult to decipher Reynold’s lyrics. But the words don’t need to be understood for the sound to be enjoyed.

The lyrics of “Super Animal Bros. III” however, can be understood. The song is about having the spirit of an animal and swimming like a manatee, and the enlivening dance-pop of the song delivers just this kind of energetic release.

The titles for the rest of the songs sound like a fun, action-packed time. And they are. Though the sound does twist the mind into immense dizziness and confusion, this album is simply one that is hard to put down.

Even on the worst of days, this album can lift the listener’s spirit, make him happy and turn his frowns into smiles. It’s a non-stop, hyperactive dance from beginning to end that leaves you mystified and wanting more.

– By Diversions Staff Writer Andrew Fowler


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