Interesting CD releases for May 5 by uncdiversions
May 5, 2009, 9:18 pm
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Hey guys, it’s been while, but Dive’s feature looking at the CDs you might want to think about buying each week is back, and this time it’s a week that’s pretty packed. I’m going to highlight the three releases that seem the most intriguing.

First, there’s the new release from Conor Oberst, the creative mind behind Bright Eyes, and his new band the Mystic Valley band. Letting down his selfish, self-consumed persona for once (a shock I know) Oberst lets three members of the band contribute songs to the record, Outer South.

Conor’s songs are spot on some of the best writing he’s put out there in a while. The other members’ numbers don’t quite measure up, but luckily the album’s long at 16 songs still giving you plenty of quality Conor to enjoy.

Check out a stream of the full album on NPR’s Exclusive First Listen.

Next up is Actor, the sophomore album from New York’s St. Vincent.

The small, wispy brunette hides a talent for blistering guitar work in her small frame that becomes a thrilling pairing for her beautifully catchy pop songs.

Her debut was quite the critic-and-blog darling, so I’m sure you’ll be able to read much more about it if you don’t want to take my word for it.

And once again, the whole album is available to stream at NPR. See, all those donations really have been doing you some good after all.

Lastly we have Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free, the new album from Pennsylvania freak-folk act Akron/Family.

This time out the willfully and often delightfully strange band has filled out its chaotic folk music with tinges of funky rock.

It’s an interesting move that sets the record apart from 2007’s Love Is Simple, replacing the upheaval with grooves that allow the songs to move through the listener with less abrasive shock and more sensual sway.

Two songs from the record are available to stream on the band’s MySpace.

That’s it folks, tune in next week, and I’ll have the skinny on what you should be looking for at the record store once again.

– By Diversions Editor Jordan Lawrence


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