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March 24, 2009, 8:38 pm
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Embarrassing Fruits – Local 506 – March 20

The fact that Embarrassing Fruits’ first LP is in every way on par with the excellent quality of last year’s The First Time is no suprise. But what is striking about the band lately is that the once static live act has acquired the stage presence to back up its always solid performances. And Friday’s performance at Local 506 celebrating the release of the new album Community/Exploitation was the best I’ve seen by the band yet. All three members were visibly into their material as they executed their nostalgic version ’90s indie rock with passion. Singer/guitarist Joe Norkus was particularly on point, nailing his vocals and cavorting about the stage with all the frivolity a performer who has just produced an excellent new product should. Before the Fruits, Sorry About Dresden killed it in an intense and rare performance by the perennial Chapel Hill power, and garage duo Blag’ard delivered one of its usual tight, short and hard-hitting sets.

Click below for more photos.


Sorry About Dresden

Embarrassing Fruits

– Words and photos by Jordan Lawrence


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