An Air Guitar Recap by uncdiversions
February 1, 2009, 9:48 pm
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For some reason, judging air guitar made me incredibly nervous. I was seated at a table watching kids jump around in the underwear, but for some reason each time it was my turn to offer critique I clammed up and stammered some nonsensical offhand remark. My main issue was that I just wasn’t sure what I was supposed to say. We judges were told what criteria we were supposed to be judging, and maybe I was just suffering from a lack of wit (hard to imagine, I know), but I had a really hard time quantifying how much “airness” each competitor displayed.

At the expense of sounding whiny, Chuck Klosterman also didn’t have very much to say, which was disappointing because I really was excited to meet him and talk music, sports, culture and other interests that I imagined we would share.

In all, I was flattered CUAB thought I would make a good judge, and apologize profusely for not living up to that. Oh, and congrats to GangstAIR, the winner of the event, $100 and dorm room bragging rights.

-By Jamie Williams, Diversions Editor


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