How did Dive come up with its 2008 top ten lists? by uncdiversions
January 15, 2009, 5:00 pm
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The top ten lists for national music, movies and N.C. music featured in this week’s issue of Diversions were compiled through a staff vote.

Music writers each voted for both the national and N.C. lists. Movie writers each submitted a ballot for the list of films. Both of Dive’s editors submitted lists for all three lists.

Writers were able to submit a top five list or a top ten list depending on how deep they each felt their expertise was in the area. The editors could submit a top 15 if they felt comfortable enough with their knowledge to come up with a larger list. This year one writer submitted a top five instead of a top ten for the N.C. list, and the editors both submitted a top 15 for both music lists and a top five for the movies list.

These ballots were then weighted and compiled. Each ballot was weighted with the number one getting a score equal to the number of entries on the list. For instance, with a top 15, the first place would get 15 points, the second place 14 points, the third place 13 points and so forth, on until the fifteenth place, which would be given 1 point.

Each release was then ranked by its total score, and the top ten in each category were printed in Dive.

In the three blog posts immediately below this one, we have reproduced the ballots that went into making this year’s lists. If you’re curious as to what the votes actually were, you can have a look.

I and the rest of the Dive staff hope this explanation helps readers better understand how we reached our decisions and that you have enjoyed (or will enjoy) our top tens issue this year.

– By Assistant Diversions Editor Jordan Lawrence


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