Music Review: Lights by uncdiversions
November 25, 2008, 7:23 pm
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(Underground Operations)

Perhaps Lights’ Myspace best sums up the sound of the one-man electro-pop outfit as “A nervous sheep straddling a rocket to bring a daisy to a wolf in stilettos waiting lonely on the moon–” Not sure what that means, but I’m also not sure why you’d want to listen to this record.

The goal of Lights first EP is to bring light to a dark world, which is referenced throughout the record and also littered across everything that bares the name Lights (websites, CD casing, etc.), which the record does through its warm sound.

But to my ears, all this record manages to do is induce a happy-go-lucky head ache.

The lyrics fail to provide the inspiration to come out of the dark. “Drive Me Soul” features a typical lovey-dovey verse: “You make the darkness disappear/ I feel found when you stay near/ I know where I am when you are here/ My way becomes so clear.”

The actual musical composition of the record sounds like something out an old-school Nintendo video game, only more bubbly and simulated than the original.

Although the artist, whose legal name seems to be impossible to uncover, has a great singing voice that fits her bubbly sound perfectly, that alone cannot carry this record.

Check out Lights’ music for yourself on Myspace.

– By Diversions Staff Writer Mike Henson


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