Music Review: Jack’s Mannequin by uncdiversions
November 16, 2008, 8:28 pm
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Jack’s Mannequin

The Glass Passenger

Former Something Corporate front man, Andrew McMahon, packages the pop rock sound of Everything in Transit and gives listeners more of the sentimental sound they came to love. The Glass Passenger was worth the wait, with McMahon’s tender vocals once again taking center stage.

The inspiration for the album stems from McMahon’s struggle with leukemia. The intense battle has led to more mature, earnest songwriting.

“Swim,” for instance, captures the testimony of McMahon to keep fighting. The lyrics transcend his leukemia and touch upon the difficulties each individual faces in life. McMahon sings “I found a tidal wave begging to tear down the dawn/ Memories like bullets, they fired at me from a gun/ Crack in the armor.” It’s easy to connect with McMahon’s struggles and the pain the past causes, but McMahon urges listeners to keep swimming. The words, “You gotta swim” become a mantra of hope for both McMahon and listeners.

The Glass Passenger not only focuses on McMahon’s medical struggles but on other aspects of life as well such as love, heartbreak and moving on.

In “What Gets You off”, McMahon’s voice glides over the sexual lines with such passion that the track draws the listener in, rather than offending her, with words such as, “That black designer dress looks better underneath our feet/Yours knees in the dirt.” His tender, comforting voice seems like it could caress anyone to meet him “beside the power station.”

All told, the album is anything but a rehashed version of Emo tradition, as it uses such genres as pop-rock and power ballads to power its incredible storytelling. McMahon’s honesty, journey and unique voice should should have the power leave listeners spellbound.

– By Diversions Staff Writer Rachel Arnett


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