Movie Review: My Best Friend’s Girl by uncdiversions
October 1, 2008, 9:01 am
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Plenty of good comedians star in bad films. Chris Rock has had his share of flops, Steve Martin has, and Eddie Murphy certainly has. So what happens when a god-awful comic like Dane Cook stars? Well, you get a complete travesty like “My Best Friend’s Girl.”

Cook stars as Tank, a human being so reprehensible that other men hire him to take their ex-girlfriends on awful dates in order to convince the girls to get back together with their old boyfriends.

Things go predictable awry when Tank does one such job for his best friend Dustin (Jason Biggs), only to discover that he is falling in love with Dustin’s girlfriend (Kate Hudson).

Even a casual moviegoer can guess the rest of the film: Tank and Dustin’s friendship is threatened, Tank’s new relationship becomes turbulent, and Tank must ask himself what kind of person he really is. The last phase is pretty obvious, as Tank literally asks himself that question while standing in front of a mirror. The movie doesn’t spend a lot of time on subtle introspection.

There is nothing compelling about “My Best Friend’s Girl;” it commits the ultimate sin of being both poorly made and uninteresting. Like Tank, any potential viewer of this movie should ask themselves “What kind of person am I?” Hopefully the answer will be “One who would prefer to see a better movie than ‘My Best Friend’s Girl.’”

— by Diversions Staff Writer Mark Niegelsky


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